Stylish Wine Glass Rings

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What you will need:

1 x VJ23A - Value Craft 7mm Jump Rings Silver 60pcs
1 x VJ11A - Value Craft Crimpers Round 2mm Silver 140pcs
1 x VJ08A - Value Craft Wine Glass Rings Silver 10pcs
1 x VCCH02 - Value Craft Diamante Elephant Charm 1pc
2 x VCCH03 - Value Craft Diamante Heart Charm 1pc
1 x VCCH04 - Value Craft Diamante Key Charm 1pc
1 x VCGPMXBK - Value Craft Glass Pearl Mix Black 49pcs
1 x VCGPMXDG - Value Craft Glass Pearl Mix Dark Grey 49pcs
1 x VCGPMXHPK - Value Craft Glass Pearl Mix Hot Pink 49pcs
1 x VCGPMXWH - Value Craft Glass Pearl Mix White 49pcs
1 x VJP03 - Value Craft Round Nose Pliers 1pc

Let's Get Started

1.  Open the wine glass ring.  Using the pliers, straighten the bent end of the wine glass ring so that you can slide the pearls on.

2.  For each coloured wine glass ring you would like to make, pick two of the medium size beads and four of the smallest size beads in each colour.

3.  Slide one of the medium sized pearls onto the wine glass ring first, followed by a crimp bead, then a small pearl, another crimp bead, another small pearl followed this time by two crimp beads (this is the centre where the charm will hang).

4.  Then put another of the small pearls on the wine glass ring followed by another crimp bead, another small pearl, a crimp bead and a medium sized pearl.

5.  Using pliers bend the end of the wine glass ring back so that when you hook the end through the eye of the wine glass ring it stays in place.

6.  Take one jump ring and gently twist it sideways to open and slide one of the charms onto it.  Then place the jump ring between the two crimp beads in the middle of the wine glass ring and using pliers twist it closed so that both ends meet.

7.  Repeat to make as many as you like.

8.  To attach the wine glass charm to a glass, simply open the metal ring and clasp it around the stem of your wine glass.