Rainbow the Caterpillar

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Rainbow the Caterpillar

What you will need:

1 x VCP13 - Value Craft Pom Poms Assort Fluorescent Mix 100pcs
1 x VCE01 - Value Craft Joggle Eyes 3 Sizes 200pcs
1 x VCTP3 - Value Craft PVA Glue 150ml (overnight drying may be required)
Foam Shapes - 1 small piece of red craft foam
Blunt Darning Needle
White Elastic Cord
Hot Glue Gun (Optional for faster drying time - parental supervision highly recommended)

Let's Get Started:

1.  Choose 16 pom poms and pierce a hole through each one using the blunt darning needle.

2.  Pull the elastic through one of the pom poms (this will become the end of the caterpillar) and tie a knot to secure the pom pom on the elastic.

3.  Thread on the other 16 pom poms in any colour order you like.

4.  When threading on the last pom pom (which will form the caterpillar's head) tie a knot and leave the excess elastic as this can be used to hang the caterpillar.

5.  Glue two joggle eyes onto the head.

6.  Cut the foam shape into a rectangle (approx 2.5cm x 1cm).  Cut a V shape out of one end the foam rectangle to form the antenna.

7.  Glue the antenna onto the back of the caterpillar's head with the two points facing upwards.