Pretty Page Keeper

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Pretty Page Keeper

What you will need:

1 x VCWR1 - Value Craft Florist Wire 450mm Green 30pcs
1 x VCB1 - Value Craft Faceted Beads Blue/Purple/Clear 25g
1 x VCB40 - Value Craft Beads Round Clear Asst 25g
1 x VCR401 - Value Craft Rhinestone Hearts Lavender/Pink/Turquoise 36pcs
Hot Glue Gun (Parental Supervision Highly Recommended)

Let's get started:

1.  Using 2 pieces of wire, twist together to create one thick piece.  This will form your butterfly.

2.  Fold one end of the wire over (approx 2mm) so that the beads will not slide off.

3.  Thread one faceted bead over the bent end.  This will be the antenna and will also hide the bent wire.

4.  Bend wire into a U shape 3cm down from the bead.

5.  Thread 19 coloured beads onto the wire.  Loop beaded section into a circle to create the first wing.

6.  Cross wire over through the bend in the antenna, thread another 19 coloured beads and loop into a circle to create your second wing.

7.  Bend the wire sraight down and thread 10 coloured beads and loop to form a small wing.  Cross over and repeat for the second small wing.

8.  Bend wire straight up to create the second anntenna.  Trim wire if necessary.  Fold over the end of the wire and place a faceted bead over it to finish off the second antenna.

9.  Take another two pieces of wire and twist together to create one thick piece.  Fold in half.  Place the fold over the wire body of the butterfly and twist the rest of the wire to create your book mark.

10.  Glue a rhinestone to the front and back of the butterfly to cover the twisted wire.