Easter Egg Chicken

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Easter Egg Chicken

What you will need:

1 x VCE01 - Value Craft Joggle Eyes 3 Sizes 200pcs
1 x VCP04 - Value Craft Pom Poms 20mm 100pcs
1 x VCCS02 - Value Craft Chenille Sticks Assorted 30pcs
1 x VCFLM - Value Craft Feathers Yellow/Lime/Orange 12g
1 x VN10660 - Value Craft 10mm Satin Ribbon Yellow 10m
1 x VCTP3 - Value Craft PVA Glue 150ml (overnight drying may be required)
Foam Shapes - 1 small piece of orange craft foam (2cm x 1.5cm)
Hot Gue Gun (Optional for faster drying time - parental supervision highly recommended)

Let's get started:

1.  Using a strerilized pin make two holes in the egg (one on the very bottom and one on the very top).

2.  Using the straw blow the contents of the egg out into a bowl until the egg feels empty.

3.  Cut the foam shape into a diamond shape - this is the beak.

4.  Glue the beak onto the middle of the egg.

5.  Glue two joggle eyes onto the the egg above the beak.

6.  Glue two yellow pom poms on to the sides of the egg to create the chicken's wings.

7.  Select a yellow chenille stick and cut it to a length of 10cm.  Wrap it around a pencil to curl, leaving a straight section at one end ot the stem.

8.  Stick the straight end of the chenille stick into the top of the chicken's head, and glue into place.

9.  Glue the skewer into the hole at the bottom of the egg (this will form the stand).

10.  Using the yellow ribbon cut 30cm and tie a bow around the skewer at the base of the egg.

11.  Glue an orange feather onto the back of the chicken to form the tail and then glue two yellow feathers onto either side of the orange feather.