Easter Chick

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Easter Chicken

What you will need:

1 x VCCS02 - Value Craft Chenille Sticks 30pcs
1 x VCP13 - Value Craft Pom Poms Fluorescent Asst 100pcs
1 x VCE01 - Value Craft Joggle Eyes Round Black/White Asst Sizes 200pcs
1 x VCTP3 - Value Craft PVA White Glue 150ml (overnight drying may be required)
Foam Shapes (large yellow circle for chick to stand on & orange triangle for beak)
Hot Gue Gun (Optional for faster drying time - parental supervision highly recommended)

Let's get started:

1.  Use the glue to stick a small pom pom on top of a large pom pom to form the head and body of the chicken.

2.  Glue two joggle eyes onto the head of the chicken.

3.  Using scissors cut two small triangles out of orange foam, and glue these onto the chicken's head, just under the eyes to form the beak.

4.  Cut a 2cm piece off an orange chenille stick and fold into a V shape, this will form the chicken's feet.  Glue into place.

5.  Glue the feet of the chicken onto the yellow foam circle, forming a secure base for the chicken to stand on.

6.  Take one yellow feather and trim to 3cm, glue to the back on the chicken to form a tail.

7.  Using the same feather, cut off two 2cm pieces to form the wings and a 1cm piece for the hair.  Glue into place.