Crazy Creatures

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Crazy Creatures

What you will need:

1 x VCCS05 - Value Craft Chenille Sticks Fluorescent 30pcs
1 x VCP13 - Value Craft Pom Poms Fluorescent Mix Asst 100pcs
1 x VCE01 - Value Craft Joggle Eyes Round Black/White Asst Sizes 200pcs
1 x VCFLM - Value Craft Feathers Yellow/Lime/Orange
1 x VCWB4 - Value Craft Wooden Buttons Asst 20g
1 x VCTP3 - Value Craft PVA White Glue 150ml (overnight drying may be required)
Foam Shapes
Hot Gue Gun (Optional for faster drying time - parental supervision highly recommended)

Let's get started:

1.  Using scissors, cut a 12cm piece of chenille stick, this will form the arms.

2.  Bend the remaining piece of chenille stick in half, this will form the legs.

3.  Glue arms ands legs between two large pom poms using the PVA glue to create the body.

4.  Glue another pom pom on top of the body for the head.  Allow glue to dry.

5.  While this is drying, glue a joggle eye onto a small foam circle.  Repeat for second eye.

6.  Cut two 4cm pieces of a chenille stick, curl each piece around a pencil.  These will make the horns.

7.  Once body is dry, glue the eyes and horns onto the top pom pom.

6.  Cut two triangles out of the foam shapes and glue on as ears.

7.  Fold the ends of each arm to form hands.

8.  Glue a feather on at the back to form a tail.

9.  Feet can be added by using the PVA glue to sandwich the ends of the chenille stick leg between two wooden buttons.

10.  Bend arms and legs into desired positions.

11.  Repeat to make as many Crazy Creatures as you like.