Butterfly Mobile

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What you will need:

1 x VCSTC - Value Craft Stretch Thread Clear 7m
1 x VCSBB22 - Value Craft Butterfly with Rhinestones 7.5cm Hot Pink 2pcs
1 x VCSBB23 - Value Craft Butterfly with Rhinestones 7.5cm White 2pcs
1 x VCSBB02 - Value Craft Butterfly Two Tone 7cm Pink 3pcs
1 x VCSBB03 - Value Craft Butterfly Two Tone 7cm Hot Pink 3pcs
Bamboo Skewers
Sewing Needle with large eye

Let's get started:

1.  Remove the pointed end from all skewers.  Make a cross from two skewers and secure with a 15cm length of stretch thread.  Tie securely.  Repeat this process to make three skewer crosses.

2.  Cut 10 x 20cm lengths of stretch thread.  Thread one through the needle and loop two times around the right hand wing on VCSBB22.  Tie the other end of thread on to one end of a pre-made cross.

3.  Repeat this using an assortment of butterflies until you have four butterflies, one hanging from each end of the crossed bamboo skewers.

4.  Repeat this process with another cross.

5.  On the final cross only tie on two butterflies, on opposite diagonals.  This will form the top layer of your mobile.

5.  Using a 20cm length of stretch thread tie one end to the centre of a crossed bamboo skewer with four butterflies on it.  Tie the other end onto an unused end of the bamboo skewer with only two butterflies on it.  Repeat with the other bamboo cross to balance the mobile.

6.  You will have to move the butterflies in or out slightly to ensure the mobile hangs evenly.

7.  Finally secure a doubled length of stretch thread from the opposite sides of the top cross to hang.